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Yoshimoto bringing laughter and sports together

When you ask people in Japan about Yoshimoto, I am sure most people will say Yoshimoto is an entertainment agency that carries hundreds of comedy aka “Owarai” TV talent. Yoshimoto represents over 6000 talents and you could say that there would not be a single hour in a day where you will not see talents from Yoshimoto on Japanese TV. But while Yoshimoto dominates the TV industry, they also have a strong presence in the Sports industry although many people may not realize.  

Yoshimoto talents all gathered for their 100 years anniversary

Yoshimoto talents all gathered for their 100 years anniversary party

Hiroki Kuroda pitching for the New York Yankees.

Yoshimoto accounts for 20% of the approximately 50 Japanese players who have played for MLB until 2020. And there are still multiple stars currently in the NPB including players, coach, and GM positions. Also, they represent over 20 players in the J-league as well as athletes from a variety of sports including MMA, Golf, Olympic sports, and more.

Outside of managing pro athlete, Yoshimoto produces and organize countless sports activities with local communities. With their long-time experience and resource built, they created a system to connect athletes with business and local communities in many ways.

For Athletes, Yoshimoto aims to maximize the value of athletes in a wide range of fields, including media activities for branding purposes, sponsorship acquisition, and portrait rights business. When players retire, they are not limited to media activities. Yoshimoto will create the best career path in line with the individual’s wishes such as guiding the young generation and supporting business start-ups. They also aim to create “Hometown athletes” that provide a place of activity for top professional and amateur athletes with passion who want to contribute to the home community through sports.

Active and retired baseball players interacting with kids at “Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball” 

Talents and athlete running a sports event at local mall

For companies, Yoshimoto will hold lectures by athletes and run sports events by entertainers as regional promotion and social contribution, internal and community exchange, welfare programs, and health promotion events. They also hold a wide range of contests such as sports day, Para Sports Fiesta, Yoshimoto Sports Park, Laugh sports, and can propose any planning in line with the purpose.

For the Pro sports team, Yoshimoto offers proposals based on the purpose of the challenges that competitive organizations and professional sports teams have. They provide support services in various fields such as creating promotional plans to attract customers, developing media in cooperation with regional bureaus, acquiring players and staff to strengthen teams and marketing strategies.

Yoshimoto talent warming up the crowd at a Basketball game

Yoshimoto believes laughing is the ultimate tool to bring good health and happiness out of everyone. And with their biggest strength, they strive to connect people, sports, and laughter all on the same table.  

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