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Tokyo Olympic banning on Alcohol sales?

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organising Committee announced on 22 March that it had decided to forgo alcohol sales in competition venues.

At first, they were considering limiting sales time until 7 p.m., but after a storm of criticism from the public, the tournament officials said, “It will not be as it is. We have to settle it by tomorrow (23rd), ” he said, referring to the cancellation of the sale.

At the Tokyo Games, Asahi Beer, the sponsor of the tournament, was allowed to sell alcohol exclusively in the venue, but the plan was abandoned from the viewpoint of the new corona measures, such as the request to go directly home and the concern that the ban on loud voices could not be observed due to the drinking permission.

On this day, the Organizing Committee said, “We are considering the sale and provision of alcoholic beverages given the realization of loud deterrence and safe induction and the current general rules. We will not decide on a sales policy based on the intention of the sponsor.”

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