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Shun Yamaguchi returning home in mid-season.

San Francisco Giants affiliate 3A pitcher Shun Yamaguchi will go back to Japan in mid-season. He posted a message to fans on his Instagram on May 2 saying, “I have decided to return to Japan. I followed my dream and challenged myself to the Major League, but I will return home in the middle of the season due to lack of my strength” as he confessed his tough days in the United States for the past 2 years. “From tomorrow, I will reset my mind, look for my new team, and devote myself so that I can show up to the fans who had high hopes for me” he added.

Yamaguchi pitched in 17 games for the Blue Jays last season, going 2-4 with an ERA 8.06 record. He did not play in the majors this season and recorded ERA of 6.17 in 5 games in AAA minor. His former team Yomiuri Giants are top candidates for Yamaguchi’s return, and they are immediately entering into negotiations. He continued to have a good relationship with the Giants(JP) even after his move to the Major so there should be no obstacle to his return.

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