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Racism in Japan

Allen Hachimura, the younger brother of Rui Hachimura who plays for the Washington Wizards released a racist message sent to his social media. Allen, who plays for the Pro Basketball league in Japan this season shared a racist Twitter message he received that noted “Die, Krombo(Racial slur against Black people) who was born by mistake. You and your brother are just Krombo who is just good at basketball”. To this message, Allen commented on Twitter “There are people who say there is no racism in Japan but there are people who make racist remarks like this. I think it is not a problem to expose it, but I wanted everyone to be interested in the issue of racism once again.” Rui responded on Twitter that “I receive this kind of message every day”. The Hachimura brothers, from Toyama Prefecture, have a father from Benin, Africa, and a Japanese mother.

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