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Olympic President Mori is set to resign, JFA’s Kawabuchi is to replace.

The President of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Yoshiro Mori showed his intention to resign after receiving heavy criticism from the public for his unfavorable comment against women.  Currently, the committee is arranging JFA’s (Japan Football Association) special advisor Saburo Kawabuchi to become the replacement. Kawabuchi has a strong reputation as an ultimate organizer in Sports world as he was the J-League’s first Chairperson, and also served as Chairperson for JFA as well. In 2015 when Japan’s Basketball league was denied to enter FIBA as Japan was split into 2 major Basketball leagues, Kawabuchi was hired to resolve the problem, and in less than a year, the 2 leagues became a single organization called Japan professional Basketball League also known as B League. He later became the chairperson for JBA (Japan Basketball Association) but resigned and became a special advisor for the association.

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