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Olympian Karate Athlete injured by her coaching staff

Uekusa Ayumu who represents the Tokyo Olympic Kumite women’s 61 kg superclass of karate, is suing the All Japan Karatedo Federation (Zenkoren) chairman Masao Kagawa for power harassment. Uekusa is considering criminal charges for injury. Officially revealed on the 31st, Uekusa was hit in the face with a bamboo sword during practice on 1 month and bruised her left eye where she has received a diagnosis of”left eyeball bruise” from a doctor and has already consulted the Metropolitan Police Department. Masao acknowledged the use of bamboo swords but said that they would not poke their faces. The Ethics Committee regarded the use of bamboo swords as a problem, not the details of the injury, as “practicing using bamboo swords is very dangerous and is not acceptable at all.”

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