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Breaking down NPB season so far-Central League

About a month has passed since professional baseball began.

As expected, before the season kicked-off, Hanshin Tigers has a large number of starting pitchers, and the bullpen is also very deep. As for the offense, foreign players are playing well, Oyama has grown considerably, and the rookie Teruaki Sato’s addition was big.

The Giants were reinforced with FA, but it feels like it is not functioning much. It also hurts that foreign players entered the season late due to Covid protocol. But they are skilled so they will get better as the season progress.

Yakult still has few starting pitchers so they may be good early spring, but the point is whether it will last for the season. The offense is good.

Hiroshima Carp has good chemistry, but the team is not deep enough.

Chunichi Dragons want their offense to explode buts it is tough as they are not consistent.

Yokohama Baystars does not have the power as a team including the foreign players. Miura’s 1st year as a manager will be tough.

There are no extra innings for professional baseball this season, and if there is an Olympics, the league will take a break for a month, so the way they play games will change.  All 4 teams except Tigers and Giants are similar, and every team has a chance.

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