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NOrichika Aoki reaches another honorable milestone in japan

Norichika Aoki recorded #2,500 hits in a match against Nippon Ham at Jingu Stadium. This was the 1726th hit of his professional baseball career in Japan, and with 774 hits in the Major League, he has a total of 2,500 hits in the United States and Japan combined. He became the 4th Japanese player in history to record this number combined with NPB and MLB after Kazuo Matsui, Hideki Matsui, and Ichiro Suzuki.

Below is the list of +2500 hits club in Japan:

  1. Ichiro Suzkuki               4367 Hits            (JP:1278, US:3089)
  2. Isao Harimoto               3085 Hits
  3. Katsuya Nomura     2901 Hits
  4. Sadaharu Oh                  2786 Hits
  5. Kazuo Matsuo            2705 Hits            (JP: 2090, US: 615)
  6. Hideki Matsui               2643 Hits            (JP: 1390, US: 1253)
  7. Hiromitsu Kadota        2566 Hits
  8. Sachio Kinugasa           2543 Hits
  9. Yutaka Fukumoto        2543 Hits
  10. Tomoaki Kanemoto     2539 Hits
  11. Norichika Aoki              2500 Hits            (JP: 1726, US: 774)

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