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young superstar munetaka murakami shining in JApan

Yakult infielder Munetaka Murakami (21 yrs old) led the team to their first 3-game winning streak of the series this season with the league’s top No. 7 homerun. With 2 outs no runners on base, full count, he swung a lower 126-kilometer changeup into the right-field seat. “I was forced into it, so I waited so that I could respond to whatever came” said Munetaka. With this hit, he tied his longest consecutive games with hits at 11. Earlier this season he said, “I want to pressure myself by setting the bar at least at  .300, 30HR, 100 RBI”. The goal of the individual is to stick to winning the hitting title. Currently, he leads the HR in the league by 2 more HR than 2nd place. Munetaka Murakami signed a management contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd on March 24th this year. 

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