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MUNETAKA MURAKAMI becomes the youngest player to REACH 100TH HR

On Sept 19th, Munetaka Murakami of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, hit his 35th solo home run of the season against Hiroshima at Jingu Baseball Stadium, reaching 100th in total.

Murakami was born on February 2nd, 2000. The 21 and 7-month-old became the youngest player to reach 100th HR in total surpassing Kiyohara Kazuhiro (Seibu), who reached 100th HR at 21 and 9-month-old back in 1989.

The 379 games required to reach 100 HR were the 2nd fastest ever among High School grad players behind  351 games by Koji Akiyama (Seibu).

Top 10 youngest players to reach 100th HR

Name                                               Age                                    # of games

Munetaka Murakami                    21 and 7 months             379

Kazuhiro Kiyohara                         21 and 9 months             423

Futoshi Nakanishi                          22 and 3 months             438

Hideki Matsui                                 22 and 10 months           468

Isao Harimoto                                23                                       565

Sadaharu Oh                                  23 and 2 months             563

Yasumitsu Toyoda                         23 and 4 months             712

Masahiro Doi                                 23 and 5 months             722

Masayuki Kakefu                           23 and 11 months           553

Tetsuto Yamada                             23 and 11 months           492

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