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Japan comes up big in Olympics. 3rd in Gold, 5th overall.

2 weeks of the Tokyo Olympics ended yesterday, and Japan came up big. The most medals Japan had obtained 41 in Rio Olympics this time they have earned 58 medals including 27 gold. New sports such as surfing, skateboarding, BMX, Karate helped Japan rack up more medals this time as well.

It was Judo in which the competition was held in the first week of the Olympics that helped Japan placed at top of the ranking early. Japan obtained record-breaking 9 golds and ended with 12 medals overall which tied Rio’s medal counts that included 8 bronzes medals. At the 2012 London Games, the men lost without any gold medals, so they made sure they got the revenge in Tokyo.

In the second week of the Olympics, wrestling also mass-produced medals for Japan. Japan tied for most gold and they ended with 7 medals overall. Japan recorded the most medals ever for table tennis and Boxing and there was a historic gold medal obtained in both sports.

New competitions and competitions that returned after a long time also contributed to the mass production of medals. The skateboard recorded 5 medals including 3 gold. Karate, surfing, and sports climbing also won several medals. Baseball and softball obtained gold, as the public expected.

On the other hand, some competitions were not able to perform as well as expected. In men’s Swimming, the number of medals, including 2 gold medals in Rio, decreased from 7 to 3. There was an expectation for badminton to get medals in all 5 events ended up with 1 bronze.

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