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Matsuyama returns to japan with green jacket

Hideki Matsuyama, who achieved winning the first Asian Masters in American men’s golf, held a news conference online on April 14th in Japan.

Wearing a green jacket and attending the press conference, Matsuyama said, “Every time I saw the news, I realized that I did something amazing. I think it’s the first time for a Japanese person to wear this, and I’m happy about that” he said with a smile.

Matsuyama returned to Japan on the 13th and is currently in voluntary isolation in Japan. “I haven’t met anyone since I came back, so it’s a strange feeling,” he said. He revealed that he had returned home with the green jacket in his hand for a long time ” I will always carry it around. I think that it is better to have it than to leave it somewhere. Even if I may not wear them, I think that I have it in my hand.”

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