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7 time Olympian Seiko Hashimoto to replace as New Chairman for Tokyo Olympic Committee

After President Mori announced his resignation on the 12th to take responsibility for this own remarks the could be regarded as disrespectful to women, the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games has elected Ms. Seiko Hashimoto unanimously to replace Mr. Mori. During the press conference, new Chairman Hashimoto said, “The most important issue of the Tokyo Games that will be approaching in 5 months is the corona countermeasures, and I would like to establish a system that can be said to be a safe and secure tournament in cooperation with the sports world and the country.” Ms. Hashimoto was an Olympian herself winning a bronze medal for speedskating in the 1992 winter Olympics and has also entered in summer Olympics in cycling to become the first athlete from Japan to enter both summer and winter Olympics. After retiring from sports, she was elected to high positions in many sports associations in Japan.

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