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MUNETAKA MURAKAMI becomes the youngest player to REACH 100TH HR


who we are.

Founded in 1912 as traditional theatre, the company has become one of the most influential companies in Japan for creating Owarai(Comedy) Tradition. We represent over 6,000 TV personalities and there is not a single hour where you would not see Yoshimoto’s talent on Japanese Television today. 

Outside of TV personalities, Yoshimoto also represents numerous athletes from various sports genres including MLB and eSports. Yoshimoto also holds the right to operate the league of legend tournament in Japan.

what we do.


  • Contract Negotiation
  • Financial Management
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Off-Season Training Service
  • Pre-Draft Preparation 
  • Public Relations
  • Event Production
  • Media Appearance Management


  • Marketing via Major Sports in America
  • Coordinate Samplings at Stadiums.
  • Digital Marketing such as Website set-up, Social Media, and Social Media Ads.
  • With 18 years of experience with Professional Sports League, we have strong connections with multiple Teams to market your products.




Kosuke Fukudome
Kosuke Fukudome
1999-2007 : Chunichi Dragons
2008-2011 : Chicago Cubs
2011 : Cleveland Indians
2012 : Chicago Whitesox
2013 – Present : Hanshin Tigers

Drafted 1st round by the Chunichi Dragons in 1998. He became the starter from 1st year in the league and lead the team to the championship in the same year. In 2004, won Bronze at Athens Olympic. He entered the Chicago Cubs in 2008 and Cleveland Indians in 2011 and Chicago White Sox the following year. He returned to NPB as Hanshin Tigers in 2013 and recorded 2000 total hits in 2016 as well as his 2nd cycle hits in his career. In 2017, he became the oldest player ever from Tigers to enter the camp at age 40 and hit a home run as the oldest player ever in Climax Series that year.
Junichi Tazawa
Junichi Tazawa
2009-2016 : Boston Redsox
2017-2018 : Miami Marlins
2018 : Los Angeles Angels
2020-Present : Saitama Musashi Heat Bears (BC League)

Entered company team of Japan’s largest oil company ENEOS in 2005. Pitched in 19 games in Industrial League in 2008 and received the highest honor award from the JABA Tokyo in the same year. In 2008, he signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox. He overcame Tommy Johns surgery in 2010 and returned to the league in 2011. He dedicated as main relief in 2012 and won his first World Series in 2013. Signed with Miami Marlins in 2017 and became the first Japanese Major League player to pitch over 50 games for 5 straight seasons. In 2018, he signed with the Los Angeles Angels. Signed minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs in 2019 and Cincinnati Reds in 2020. He returned to Japan in the same year and signed a contract with BC Leagues’ Saitama Musashi Heat Bears.
Norichika Aoki
Norichika Aoki
2004-2011 : Tokyo Yakult Swallows
2012-2013 : Milwaukee Brewers
2014 : Kansas City Royals
2015 : San Francisco Giants
2016 : Seattle Mariners
2017 : Houston Astros
2017 : Toronto Blue Jays
2017 : New York Mets
2018-Present : Tokyo Yakult Swallows

Drafted in the 4th round by the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. He then received multiple awards for most hits, best hitting average, most on-base %, most steals, golden glove awards, and more. He also became the first player to reach 200 hits for 2 seasons. In 2012, signed with the Milwaukee Brewers where he became the face of the franchise and move to Kansas City Royals, San Francisco, Seattle Mariners, and Houston Astros from 2014-2017. He also reached 2000 total hits in 2017. In 2018 he returned to Yakult Swallows.


what we can do for your brand.

With the connections and experience we have built, we could market and promote your product to meet your needs and help position you as a competitor.

meet and greet
digital marketing


we bring baseball to a new generation.

Yoshimoto Sports is committed to helping the next generations and the local community by providing positive experiences and resources in education, health and wellness, and sports. With our TV and Sports talent, we hold events involving young kids to senior citizens. Events could vary from sports classes with kids, sports events involving parents, and exercise classes with a senior citizen.



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